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Turawet Project was born on July, 2010, when we decided to get involved on it as our end of master project. The Turawet team is formed by three Computer Engineers graduated from the University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain): Francisco José Cabrera Hernández, Nicolás Pernas Maradei and Romén Rodríguez Gil.

The aim of Turawet is to ease the data collection process, providing three different aplications: a Forms modeler (which is a web aplication); a Data collector (which is an android aplication) and an Administrator (also a web aplication).

With this set of tools we can complete all the steps needed in the Data Collection Process. Indeed, having an account in our project allows you to develop your own forms, using our user-friendly Modeler; a web aplication that provides HTML5 and CSS3 functions such as drag and drop to make easier the usage. Thus, once you have created the desired form you can upload it to your server account and keep it safe for further uses. Then, from your Android mobile device you can download those forms you have stored in the server and fill them whenever you want, creating multiple form instances of the diferent forms. Finally, our third application is another web application (Administrator) that provides the user a set of usefull functions, ranging from the creation of statistics using the collected instances of a certain form, to the localization on a map of the instances stored of a form. Also we provide other functionalities such as report generation and user groups to share forms within different users.

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Finalist (5th prize) of the contest: "Conocer es valer (Knowing is worth)" organized by "Fundación Empresa Universidad de La Laguna."